Creditors efforts don’t bear any fruits when they continue to hope that if they allow more time, the situation will improve and the debtor will ultimately pay. With bad debt recovery, time is a of utmost importance.

Knowledge is Power

Our local knowledge and experience of the legal system, custom and cultures in proceedings and enforcement of debt recovery allows us to deal with your client in a logical, professional and firm manner.

Clean and Clear your Account Books

Become stress free by letting us handle all your bad debts in less time and for less cost.

Channeling Partnerships

We have alliance with reputed and experienced lawyers to recover from critical debtors. Their knowledge base is from a diverse range of more than 15 years of local and international debt settlements and recoveries.

Customized Recovery

We deal with every customer in a unique way suited best for the situation. Debtors are handled exclusively to achieve maximum benefit from recovery

Step by Step Update

In each stage of proceedings we inform you about the actual situation, give you an update and advise you in deciding further steps. Sometimes an alternative approach to debt recovery is to prepare to take court action. The first step is to send a formal letter to the customer letting them know what you plan to do. A letter of claim advises that you intend to sue them unless they settle their account by a specified date.>